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I.  Why doesn’t the HOA Board respond to our Facebook posts?

a.  The Greenbrier Facebook page was not created nor is it controlled or monitored by the HOA Board of Directors (BoD).  To contact the Board members, please use the links noted on the Contact Us page or the HOA Board Member page.

II.  Why haven’t I received mail at the cluster boxes?

a.  The Post office will not deliver in the following conditions:

i.  Ice or snow impacting the immediate area (path) of the mailboxes.  Please remove the snow/ice from the cluster boxes and                sidewalks near your homes.

ii.  A broken on damaged mail box.  Notify the HOA of the damage.

III.  I’m selling my home, what are my responsibilities?

a.  MD Law requires that you disclose the existence of an HOA.  You can do this by notifying agents, homebuyers and Settlement/Title              company.   For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) are not exempt from this requirement. Click here for the disclosure form.

b.  Notify the HOA Treasurer so a final dues report can be prepared.

IV.  Is the HOA responsible for downed trees?

a.  If a tree falls and causes damage to Homeowner property,  the homeowner should contact their insurance company.

b.  If a tree falls into / around the common areas, please contact the HOA and the HOA BoD will determine the course of action.

c.  If a tree, located in a common area, appears as if it may fall, please contact the HOA and the HOA BoD will review and may decide to remove to prevent potential property damage.

V.  When and how do I pay my dues?

a.  The Greenbrier dues are collected annually and cover the period from July 1 through June 30th and are due on July 1st.   The treasurer        mails the notices in June of each year.  Not receiving a letter does not relieve you from the debt.

b.  You may pay your dues using one of the following:

i.   Using the electronic payment feature on the website. There will be a 3% convenience fee added to your bill
ii.  Mailing a check to the Greenbrier HOA. P.O. Box 658. Lexington Park, MD 20653
iii. Bringing a check or cash to the quarterly meeting.

iv. Electronic payment sent from your financial institution

VI.  Who determines when and the amount of dues Increases?

a.  The HOA BoD regularly reviews the financial state of the HOA in regard to existing responsibilities and future projects/requirements to        decide if an increase is needed.

b.  The amount: Per the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs) the maximum annual assessment may be                       increased each year by not more than five percent (5%) above the maximum assessment for the previous year without a vote of the             membership.

VII.  At Large Animals?

a.  If talking to your neighbor/animal owner, does not work, you are encouraged to take a picture of the animal which shows is it clearly on       your property and contact St. Mary's County Animal Control

b.  Doggie cleanup bags are located throughout the community to be used for waste removal.   Do not leave the used bags on the ground       in the common areas.  Use the trash receptacle near the playground or take home and dispose of properly.

VIII.  When do we vote on changes/updates?

a.  Article II of the Greenbrier HOA Bylaws, states that the Board of Directors (BOD) shall have power to exercise for the Association all             powers, duties and authority vesting in or delegated to this Association and not reserved to the membership by other provisions of               these By-Laws, the Articles of Incorporation, or the Declaration”.  However, the current and past BoDs have made a conscientious                 effort to bring, high ticket–non state/county mandated- items to the homeowners for comments prior to making a final decision.

b.  On occasion, the board may be working on a project that was the result of a previous year’s decision.  In that case, newer homeowners       may not be aware of the prior decision.  The HOA BOD posts prior meeting minutes on the website.

IX.  Why won’t the BoD take care of the problems with the Vacant/un-kept Houses?

a. The board cannot enter these properties to mow or trim without owner consent. Therefore, we are limited to the contacting owners of vacant houses to have those properties maintained.

X.   I have tenants in my house, what are my responsibilities?

a.  As the homeowner, you are responsible for the actions of your tenants in regard to following HOA guidelines and use restrictions. 

b.  Ensure your tenants are aware of and follow the covenants, restrictions and regulations of the community.

XI.  There are potholes forming near the grates on my street, who do I contact:

a.  To submit county maintenance issues visit  

XII.  How much are the board members paid annually?

a.  The Heritage Manor Greenbrier HOA Board of Directors is comprised of homeowners that volunteer their time.

XIII.  Can I raise chickens, rabbits, goats, other livestock?:

a.  The Association has a provision in the current bylaws (CCRs) that prohibits livestock, swine, poultry, and/or the like, to be kept on a Lot. This overrides any other county or state regulation on this issue. For specific inquiries, contact the HOA

XIV.  I have other questions!:

a.  You can contact the HOA here.

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